Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy.

Securing our environment

SunWise Investment Ltd is a Zambian company specialized in Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy. The proprietors have more than 10 years experience

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Securing our environment
Environmental Impact Assessment

We Assess the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development.

Enviromental and Occupational Dust Monitoring

We provide dust monitoring services to assess the impact on surrounding communities and to protect their employees.

Noise Monitoring

We monitor noise in the workplace as it is an essential part of the health and safety of employees.

Enviromental Monitoring Experts

We assess the quality of the environment in order to control the risk of pollution.

Personal Protective Equipment

We provide equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work.

Ergonomic Surveys

We conduct ergonomics surveys focus on the design of workstations, tools, equipment and work tasks in order to improve safety, efficiency and comfort.

Why Choose Us


Professionalism is our business anchor and we are committed to accountability, integrity and transparency in our business operations.


Principles that are ethical in nature guide our decision-making process.


Our pride comes from customer feedback and that helps us improve in service delivery.


Pricing of our products goes with the provision of high-quality products and services beyond our customer’s expectation.

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What Our Clients Say

Service Beyond expectation is what you get when you engage in SunWise Investments Limited. Their response time was beyond our expectation when we requested their services. They trained more than forty of our staff on Safety procedure for confined space entry.
Chrispin Chomba - Health and Safety Manager
Conduril Zambia- Millennium Challenge Account Bombay Drainage
Paul Lungu sunwise testimonial cropped
If you're looking for an environmental professional company that really knows and understands the mining industry, SunWise Investment is the one. Their quality of service in their niche is comparable to non. They are our reliable service provider for air emission monitoring at our Kafironda Plant
Paul Lungu - Safety Superintendent
African Explosives Limited (AEL)
Reliability defines SunWise Investments Limited’ service delivery. Indeed they are tried and tested and must be trusted. Works have done for us include; Weed and Pest Control for our ZB Nyiombo Yard in Lusaka. The company also supplied us with the Chemical/Oil Spill Kits.
Valentine Mutale Palangwa - Safety and Environmental Controller
Zambia Breweries Plc, Lusaka
Nyawa Njovu
They are unbelievable to me as an Environmental Manager when I needed environmental monitoring instruments. Their pricing rates were favourable hence we hired from them. Buying the instruments was an expensive option and SunWise offered a cost-effective solution to that. We also engaged them to clean-up oil-contaminated areas in our sites
Nyawa Njovu - Environmental and Social Manager
CMC Di Ravenna, Zambia – Lusaka Bombay Project- Millenium Challenge Account

Questions & Answers

We have dealt with many companies and our clientele has been growing since 2016. The major clients include:

  • Copperbelt Energy Corporation_Kitwe
  • CMC di Ravenna Zambia_LusakaConduril Zambia_Lusaka
  • Infraset Zambia_KafueAgasako General Dealers_Mansa
  • Luombe Mining_Shimabala Chilanga
  • ZESCO Limited
  • TAZAMA Pipeline
  • Wartsila Zambia (Ndola Energy)_Ndola
  • Indeni Oil Refinery_Ndola
  • Scaw Limited_Kitwe
  • Zambia Breweries Plc_Lusaka
  • Maxam Corp Zambia_Lumwana
  • AEL Zambia
  • DuPont (Pioneer Seed) Zambia
  • Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS)
  • Edwin Matokwani and Associates

We have covered every province in Zambia and we aim to go beyond our borders. Our clients are beyond the internal geographical boundaries in Zambia. We strategically have an office in Lusaka Province and Copperbelt province for easy service delivery.

We are a fixed price solution provider, who believes in providing ‘value’ to each of our clients and are committed to delivering results. We provide our clients with a not-to-exceed cost estimate before beginning any work. No one likes surprises, so we work with our clients to understand their specific business needs and then outline our plan of action and the associated costs to implement those solutions.

We have experience from a wide range of business areas. The directors of this company have individually amassed over fifteen years of experience in the field of Health, Safety and Environment in the mining, construction and manufacturing industries. Put together, their experience.

The question is not whether we will achieve the identified results target but whether your organisation will. Achieving the desired results is guaranteed through the cooperation with our clients. We work closely together with our clients to understand their need and tailor our solutions accordingly.

Everything we do is nothing without the environment. Let's use it sustainably